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Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and is mandatory for all those Muslim adults having the financial capacity and physically soundness.

Hajj is a time bound activity based on specific rituals as per Islamic calendar and is mainly controlled and managed by KSA through its policy (Talimaat).But, being a facilitator and keeping in view better services as per various social groups requirement Ministry of Religious Affairs &IFH, government of Pakistan tries its level best to provide better services to the intended Hujjaj of Pakistan and in this regard has engaged private sector from the year 2000 up to date.

Activities at Jeddah Airport

  • HOAP Staff Members were deployed at Hajj Terminal Jeddah to facilitate Private Hajj Group Pilgrims.
  • Reception of Pilgrims.
  • Speedy clearance of Pilgrims.
  • Proper seating arrangement at waiting area.
  • Distribution of refreshment boxes to Pilgrims.
  • Arrangements of transport and boarding of Pilgrims for Makkah Mukkkarrama.
  • Preparation of travel documents in case of lost Passport.
  • Close liaison with Pakistan Hajj Mission and Saudi Hajj Agencies working at Hajj Terminal.
  • Transfer of leftover luggage to Makkah Mukkarrama for onward delivery to Pilgrim concern.
  • Communication of information to main control room immediate after clearance of flight.

Main Control Office Azizia

  • The HOAP MCO was manned by senior and experienced officers.
  • All the record pertaining to Hajj Operation was maintained by this Office.
  • All the welfare activities at Jeddah, Makkah Mukkarrama and Madina Munawarah were monitored.
  • HOAP MCO minutely watched the performance of HOAP Seasonal Staff and deployed the strength as per requirement.
  • Receipt and distribution of Wrist Bands containing data of Private Pilgrims.
  • The Following Cell/ Desks were setup under HOAP MCO.
    1. Coordination & Information Cell.
    2. Medical Mission Desk.
    3. Lost & Found Desk.
    4. Complaint Cell.
    5. Harram Guide.

Coordination & Information Cell

This Cell distributed wrist bands to HGOs for onward delivery to the respective pilgrims of their Group. It also provided information to Pilgrims relatives about their Accommodation, Maktab, Flights etc.

Haram Guide

Haram Guides were posted at different Gates of Haram Sharif. The HOAP Seasonal staff on duty was equipped with Android Mobile facility to communicate immediate information about missing Pilgrims and guide them accordingly. In this connection the staff availed the App “PakHajj Muavin” facility designed by PITB. All the staff members were in constant touch with the Main Control Offices and HGOs through this system.

Medical Mission Desk

This desk assisted the Pakistan Hajj Medical Mission in providing medical cover to Private Hajj Pilgrims. It also maintained all record of patients and death cases. The Details are as under

Makkah Mukkarrama Madina Munawarah Total
Details of Patients 1378 1198 2576
Details of Admitted 16 9 25
Details of Death Cases 27 6 33

Lost & Found Desk

This desk was responsible to deliver the lost baggage to Pilgrim concerned in the minimum time period. The staff were also provided App facility through which they aired the photographs of the lost baggage enabling the Pilgrims to identify their bags. The Pilgrims who lost their way to their accommodation were also guided by the staff on duty. The report of Lost & Found desks is as under :-

Received Deliver Balance
Lost Baggage 97 97 0
Found Baggage 102 102 0

Maktab Pakistan (Addillah)

This desk was designed on the special request of chairman Moasssisa Addilla Madina Munawarah to have close coordination between HOAP and Saudi Hajj Authorities to handle the reception and departure of Pakistani Hujjaj. Specially to handle the critical position of 25th Zil Qaida and depart to Makkah Mukkarrama on 4th and 5th Zil Haja. Maktab Pakistan was kind enough to impart training of HOAP Seasonal Staff deployed for duty with their desk for smooth and speedy work.

Madina Munawarah Airport

A welfare team of HOAP Seasonal Staff was deputed at Madina Munawarah Airport to assist and guide the Pilgrims. The team made same arrangements as Hajj Terminal Jeddah.

Hajj Move (Mashair)

In orders to provide proper welfare cover to the pilgrims of Private Hajj Scheme, the Seasonal Duty Staff of HOAP performed their duties in Three phases during Hajj Move (MASHAIR).


Move from Makkah Mukkarrama to MINA.


Move from MINA to Arafat to Muzdalifa & back to MINA.


Move from MINA to Makkah Mukkarrama .

A special facilitation desk was opened for issuance of wrist bands (containing data of pilgrims) to HGOs for onward distribution among the Hujjaj of Private Hajj Scheme. Similarly, a special desk was also setup with Maktab Pakistan Moassisa Addillah, Madina Munawarah.